Bridal Show Thoughts – January ’09 Edition

Here’s a video of tour of our booth from this year. Sorry for the shaky video, I was in a hurry to shoot it before the brides arrived. Here are some other thoughts after the show.

I said this last show and it held true again, it seems like almost half the brides we talked to were getting married in October ’09. It’ll be a crazy month.

After I give the same sales pitch about a thousand times, my brain liquifies and runs out my ears.

We met a lot of really great people. I hope we get to work with the ones that will be the right fit for us.

There were two kinds of people. Those that just didn’t have the budget for our prices and those that saw the incredible amount of value we provide for our prices.

A lot of the people in the wedding business are awesome.

The rest of the people in the wedding business are butts.

If I ask if you’ve booked a photographer and you tell me you booked a photo booth so you don’t need a photographer I might hit you. I love photo booths, but they will not, you know, do actual photography.

The shows are great, but I’m looking in to alternative marketing venues. I continue to be annoyed at the royal screwing photographers take at the hands of the organizers.

Our next few weeks are going to be very busy meeting with potential brides again.

We talked to a few people about destination weddings (can you say New York and Cabo?). I would love to shoot a few of these.

We had a few people show up to see “the Apple booth” because of all the Apple products we use. That made me laugh.

If you have any questions about how we did it or shows in general, let me know.




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