Praying the angles

Over the last two days we had our big bridal show of the year. This is the one that we’ll probably book most of the year for weddings. I thought it might be interesting to do a quick post about how I pray for something like this. So here are the various angles I prayed over in the weeks leading up to the show.

I prayed and believed for God’s blessing on us.

I prayed for all the other exhibitors there, as their business and families are supported by this show as well.

I prayed for each bride coming, that they wouldn’t get caught up in the wedding hype and go into debt for one big day.

I prayed God would put is in front of exactly the right people. The people that would be perfect for us to work with.

I prayed for divine appointments and that God would let us meet people that needed him.

I prayed that everyone there would see Christ in the way we presented ourselves and acted.

I prayed that wether it was a massive success or a huge failure, we would continue to rely on him.

I prayed above all else that God’s will would be done.

I’m sure there are a million ways to pray for something. I’ve discovered, though, if I’m not careful I get into the habit of just praying for God’s blessing on my business and what I’m doing. It helps me to break it down like this and pray for every angle. That helps me acknowledge that it’s not all about me and I have a purpose higher than just making money.


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