Cody 1, Me 0

Kids in the Leaves (Thanksgiving '08)

I walked in to the room in time to see Becca picking a chocolate cookie up off the floor. She turns on Cody who is standing near by.

“Did you try to hide this cookie?” she asked in her “mom voice.”

He grinned at her cutely but uttered no incriminating words. She stalked towards him.

“You know these are no-no.”

He smiled bigger and backed away two more steps. She closed the distance between them and bent down to spank him on the butt. His eyes widened as he saw the incoming spanking. He quickly fell to the ground. The hand passed over him with inches to spare. He quickly rolled between her legs as she tried to grab hold of him with one arm while still holding the cookie in the other hand.

Becca began to laugh as she tried to get him. She finally stood straight up, laughing in exasperation. “You take care of this,” she told me, “I’ve lost all credibility this time.”

I quickly suppressed my smile as I looked at the job before me. “Women,” I thought, “Now I’ll take care of this.”

Cody stood before me, feet spread apart, ready for his next move. As he tried to run around me I grabbed under his arm and lifted him off his feet. “Let’s see you run now,” I said.

I turned him around and spanked him three times in succession. I put him down, satisfied my job as a stern father was done. He looked up at me and his eyes sparkled. They didn’t sparkle with tears, or even with defiance. They sparkled with excitement. They were accompanied by that smile he gets when it’s time to wrestle with dad.

“Lets play!” he yelled, raising his small fists towards me.

“Ok,” I thought, “Clearly he’s old enough I need to spank harder.”

I shook my head and walked away laughing. “All right,” I said to Becca, “Obviously he wins this one.”



  1. says


    Kids are awesome.

    I don’t remember when it happened but I do know there was a point where spanking actually started to hurt. It became a sport to avoid the belt or do the 10 yard dash down the hallway to my bedroom to lock the door before the parent could get in. Not smart at all, but I wasn’t thinking. It was primal instinct. Same thing when I accidentally grabbed the belt.


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