Two big things I’m working on this year are losing weight and getting out of debt. As I ponder on these things I realize my focus should be self-control. If I just had more self-control I wouldn’t find myself facing these problems.

What would my day look like if I was 40 pounds lighter and had zero debt? Probably quite a bit different than it does now. Now that we have the problem, what’s the answer? How do I resist that purchase I don’t need? How do I resist that second helping of bacon?

Mmmmmm…..bacon. Sorry, I got distracted.

The funny thing is, I think this is exactly what is wrong with our country right now. No one showed self-control for too long. We bought things we couldn’t afford. We did things we shouldn’t have just to make a buck. We showed a shocking lack of self-control and continue to do so. We acted like the kid in the candy store, and now we are dealing with the stomach ache.

We are all looking to the new Obama administration to solve all these issues. But that’s not where the answers will come from. All they can do is try to put a bandage on the wound. It’s up to us to actually fix it. We have to show self-control, buckle down and get to work.

So, what are YOU doing to fix the country’s problems?



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