Mad Church Designer

Mad Church "Prescription"

I received an email yesterday from Chris at Zondervan, letting me know an ad we’d submitted has been chosen to market Anne Jackson’s new book Mad Church Disease.

I have to give all credit to my friend David. I’d originally seen the contest via Anne’s blog and didn’t do anything for it. After David sent me a few ideas he was working on I was inspired and we collaborated to come up with what you see above.

Part of the reason I was excited about it was because of the book itself. Having been through church-induced burnout myself, I think it will be a very important book. Even as I write this I know two very good friends going through burnout brought on by working at their churches. It’s a very real problem and I hope the book does some good to reverse the trend. The book is in stock and can be ordered here.

The ad should appear in the March/April issue of Neue Quarterly. Below you’ll also find another ad we submitted. Thanks Anne for writing the book and the fine folks at Zondervan.

Mad Church Disease "Recovery"



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