Blogging habits

Over the weekend my mom commented I hadn’t been writing on my blog as much lately. I got to thinking about why and became interested in the blogging habits of others.

Often times when I go through challenging periods, I fall on one of two sides. On one side, blogging becomes an outlet for me to vent about happenings and get it off my chest. A form of internet therapy if you will. On the other side, it just becomes one more thing to do and when I’m busy and/or stressed, the last thing I need is one more thing to do.

And so I haven’t written as much lately. 2009 started as a year of hope. Three weeks in, it’s turned into a year of big challenges and I already feel tired and beat down by it. And so I haven’t written as much.

So what is your blog to you? How does everyday life effect your writing habits? I really am curious.



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    I definitely agree that it’s a therapeutic outlet AND that it’s one more thing to do when life is so hectic.
    I’m not so sure there’s a certain mood, etc. but inspiration is a motivator. I have lots in my head and heart that need an outlet. Much of that would probably be through the creation or generation of music, but right now I don’t have the setup to accommodate a spontaneous songwriting session or just a time of playing and thinking. I need to do set that up.

    This is pretty pathetic, but I have a backpack page specifically for blog topics and titles. When I have the idea for the blog post, I write it there, but there are tons of posts that haven’t been posted yet. Also, there are several wordpress drafts that haven’t been published.

    I do write a lot of comments on other people’s blogs. Maybe I feel like, well, they’ve already said what I was thinking or feeling, so now I don’t have to. “I’ll just join that conversation and leave a comment.”

    2009 hasn’t gotten off to a great start for me either, but the ‘Anne Frank’ in me believes there’s good in ever year (or person as she would’ve said). I’m ready to find that – hopefully sooner than later.

    I just struggle with the thoughts that I must not have anything important to say. No deep or profound musings, so I blow off blogging. I need to just blog anyway.

    I don’t know if this answers your question, but at least I wrote something. I guess I could’ve used this time on a blog post of my own. Dang. πŸ™‚

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    i have noticed a similar trend in my blogging habits.
    last year i blogged fairly frequently – about every day. i had a very specific purpose and topic.
    come 2009, we have moved onto a new part of life that is not as clearly defined. and i’m blogging less. i have no idea what to write about. and i have very little time to think of things to write about.
    i have good intentions, and would like to keep my blog up to date. but it has dropped down on the priority list

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