The “J Rule”

Over at I wrote a post about ladies watching action movies with their men. In it I mentioned following the “J Rule” when picking movies. If the name of the hero in the movie starts with a j, it’s a good bet it will be an action-packed movie with a high body-count (the all-important measure of how good a movie is). Think about it.

Jack Bauer
John McClain
James Bond
Jason Bourne
Indiana Jones (ok, that one is in reverse, but still)
James T. Kirk

Am I wrong?



  1. kandy CHimento says

    Julia Roberts husband in Steel Magnolias is Jackson. (starts with a J – does this count as an action movie?)


    Bill Pullman in “While You were Sleeping” – Jack Callahan.

    My 2 favorite chick flicks – I didn’t realize they were all action movies!!!

  2. David says

    1) John “strike a match on his stubble” Wayne…I don’t care if that is the actor’s name!
    2) Jack from Titanic (I’m getting misty)
    3) Jon Osterman a.k.a. Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen.
    4) Action Jackson
    5) Judy Jetson
    6) Juan Solo

    Yeah, there are a bunch. Feel the testosterone!!!

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