The digital Bible

For two weeks now I’ve been really busy and haven’t had much time to post. But I wanted to quickly ask something. It occurred to me on Sunday that I haven’t used a physical Bible in a long, long time. I primarily use the Bible app on my iPhone (by the fine folks at YouVersion) and read YouVersion on my computer.

The odd thing is I read the Bible more now that it is in convenient digital form than I ever did as a real book.

So how do you read the Bible? Still use the physical book? Am I missing anything by reading it almost entirely digitally? Is it still considered the Good Book if it’s not even a book?



  1. Coby says

    I just started using the iPhone app too, because I like the reading plan. But I keep a Bible nearby for reference because it’s easier to flip through. I also use NIV for the phone, and NKJV for the actual book to get two different perspectives.

  2. Lex says

    I use paper. I don’t have an iPhone, and although I can get YouVersion on my little mobile browser it just doesn’t really do it for me. I need to underline and highlight and notate – it’s just how I learn.

    Not to mention I’m a little weird and there’s something romantic to me about my beat up NKJV with stickers all over the covers.

  3. says

    I use something called AcroBible NAS on the iPhone. I tried the YouVersion thing; it wasn’t reliable with searches. I love having the whole Bible already downloaded so even in church I can read it w/o having to grab the section from the network. Sometimes there is no good connection and the references are flying too fast to download each 🙂

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