Top 10 engagement photos for 2008

Here are 10 of my favorite engagement photos from 2008 in no particular order.

Jessica & Will Engagement
It’s ironic to me to shoot in the beautiful Zilker park and then not use any of the amazing color. This one, however, really grabbed my attention in black and white.

Brittany & Clinton Engagement Session
This was one of the first shots of the first engagement session on ’08. Brittany and Clinton were a blast to work with. They really set the tone for the year with fun, relaxed couples.

Lisa & Steven Engagement Session
We took this in downtown Austin as we were starting to lose our light for the day. We had so many amazing shots of Lisa and Steven.

Sylvia & Robert
In every shoot, you end up with a shot or two that really sizzles. This was one from Sylvia and Robert. My only wish is that the sun wasn’t washing out the top of the sign. Oh well, they more than make up for it.

Jessica & Will - Engagement Session 3/16/08
Sometimes it’s the little details that I love capturing.

Alicia & Francisco Engagement
Speaking of sizzle.

April & Ed Engagement - 3/14/08
April and Ed were a blast. They were up for anything, so we started by playing in the fountain.

Alicia & Francisco Engagement
I loved that Alicia and Francisco wanted to start their shoot at a little neighborhood market near where they live. They have a passion for their community which was very cool.

Jessica & Justin's Engagement
This was one of those casual moments I snapped between set ups. It really captured the fun and emotion involved in these shoots.

Lisa & Steven Engagement Session
The famous blue wall. Almost every couple last year wanted a shot at the blue wall. I like this one of Lisa and Steven best. Those two really are in love.

In the next few days I’ll post our top ten bridal and wedding photos.



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