What a day it continues to be

In case, once again, you haven’t been following on Twitter, I should let you know we are still in the hospital.

They got us to that blessed point where we were ready to go. It was a good thing too, we’re all a little punch drunk and we’ve been fighting Cody ever since the surgery. He hasn’t been himself at all. All he had to do was eat a few bites and we were out the door.

Then he melted down like I’ve never seen him melt down before. He basically Hulked out. Stomping, screaming. The little guy even took a swing at me (I was secretly proud in a manly way). They decided the medication he was on was making him a little crazy. They also decided he (we) got to stay another night to make sure he comes back from the Dark Side.

So we’re still here. More tired. More cranky. Probably more smelly (hey, we’ve been here two days now).

Just pray we get out tomorrow.



  1. fbcjdrake says

    hope you get to go home today. they had me on Hydrocodone for pain–it was making me dream crazy dreams with night sweats. I’m off that now and seem to be better.

    Here’s to home!!

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