One light in the weeds

Conner in the weeds

We took these on a closed road near our house. I like to challenge myself to make great photos anywhere. In this case it was taking the broader scene of the road and shooting in a small patch of weeds. I’m big on natural light shooting (or at least I used to be) so adding in off-camera lighting is challenging me even more.

Conner in the weeds

I’m posting these to show the variety you can get from the exact same set up. These were all taken with an SB800 in a 28″ Westcott Apollo soft box. Becca is using the 60″ shoot through as a scrim (because I’m too cheap to buy a real scrim) to keep the sun from hitting him. All the pictures below are the same setup, I just had Conner stand up and changed my angle.

A technical note here: It helps to have an incredibly good model 🙂



  1. Coby says

    I love that first shot. And he is a good model! Speaking of good models :), I hope you’re keeping track of the shots I love for when I become Mrs. Halpert.


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