Marketing for next year

I’ve been working on my current marketing for the past few years and didn’t even know it. Over the next two days I’ve got two interesting new-business meetings. The funny thing is, both contacts came from some work I did in the past. The even funnier thing is, they weren’t big flashy projects. You know the kind. They aren’t the projects you tell all your friends about because it makes you sound big time. They aren’t the projects you put in your portfolio. They are just the good workman jobs that you do to pay the bills.

I just happen to work my tail off on those and pretend they are big flashy jobs. It pays off. I never expected to get future work from either of them, but now it’s a possibility. And the new ones are projects I’ll tell people about and put in my portfolio.

Turns out working my tail off is the best marketing I’ve ever done. So what are you doing today that will pay off in the coming years?



  1. says

    Kindness and just doing a great job for your clients is the best form of marketing. Be honorable, be honest and deliver a killer product. People will talk, talking is marketing. Great blog post.

    • says

      I know. We’ve been so busy lately that anything beyond just posting photos has been hard. I’m not saying “I’m back!” but I’ll try.

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