The second shooter

The second shooter

The joys of shooting in public places means you usually deal with, well, the public. Most people are very respectful of the fact that we’re working, and we try to be respectful of others and share the space. But occasionally you run in to the guy who has to get a shot of the horizon from the exact spot on the picnic table you’re shooting on.

Oh well, it made for some laughs.



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    Haha. We once had a photography class turn us into a lesson as they “studied the professionals”. They were practice shooting at the same place as some wedding portraits.

  2. says

    Ok dude. So tonight I had a dude totally in my way and flashing all over the place, sometimes ruining my exposure. He kept me from getting several shots and still wouldn’t put the flash/camera away even after the groom, bride, and the bride’s mom asked him to. Nothing. I asked him to turn everything off and put it away. Still nothing. The family (which he was a part of) was so upset with him (and not just because I said anything). The second-worse part was the thought that someone might think he was with us. 😦

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