6-1-09 Daily iPhone

Daily iPhone 6-1-09

Lately, I’ve been drinking in every bit of knowledge I can to become a better photographer. Two wise words I’ve heard lately are “always be shooting” and “do personal work.”

In an effort to do both, I’m going to try to take and post a daily iPhone photo. One of the goals is to always be looking around and seeing photos, even when I don’t have a camera in hand. The thing is I always have my iPhone with me so there’s really no reason I can’t be taking these photos I see in my head. This might help my marriage as well. I think it’s starting to make Becca a little nuts when I’m constantly pointing out things that would “make a great photo!”

Like everything else I start with lofty goals, we’ll see how long this lasts.

I took the photo above today before I went for a swim. The storm clouds overhead looked really great. I used the “magazine” setting in Camera Bag.



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