Who is your faith really in?

Do you have a person in your past who helped you along your walk toward Christ? I think for most people God has sent someone along to give you that big push. If you had someone like that, they probably instantly popped into your head.

So what happens when they fail? What happens when their lives completely take a 180 and the seemingly ignore all the things they’ve taught you about walking with Jesus? It’s these moments that make me question who my faith is really in.

For some reason I was thinking about this just before I read this announcement by Gary Lamb. Now, I don’t know Gary. I’ve never met him and probably never will. But, I have followed what God was doing through him and Revolution Church. I’ve prayed for Gary and the church. I’ve celebrated their victories with them. Like I said, I’ve never been there, but through the magic of the internets, it’s easy to get on board for what churches across the nation are doing.

So when I read that Gary had failed, it kind of hurt. Isn’t that weird? It actually put me in a bad mood that day. I stopped and prayed for Gary, his family and Revolution Church.

And it reminded me Greg.

Greg was working as a youth pastor at a church I started attending when I was 18. Greg was the one that really opened my eyes to what walking with God is really like. He encouraged me to learn for myself what the Bible teaches. I can easily say that if God hadn’t sent Greg along, I’d probably be wandering aimlessly through my faith (or lack thereof).

And then Greg failed. He got into drugs among other problems and his life literally took a 180. That hurt. It hurt a lot. Fortunately, Greg himself had taught me to put my faith in Christ and not others. When we put it completely in others, we will be disappointed on some level at some point.

When someone helps us along in our journey with Christ it can be pretty easy to get confused in put our faith in them.

So who is your faith ultimately in?



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    I had sort of an inverted experience of that sort. There was a VP at a company I used to work for that, while he was always decent to me, treated many people like dirt. He would insult them in front of their co-workers, usually using abusive and vulgar language to do so.

    At the time, I was still going to church every Sunday and had grown up going to church “every time the doors were open” (Sunday AM & PM, Wednesday Night Dinners, All Activities, etc.). While I was working for this guy, I finished school and decided to move up from the college department at the church I was attending at the time to the singles’ department. I walked in the first Sunday after making that decision, grabbed a seat in the back of the room since I didn’t know anyone and sat there doodling or something to keep me entertained until class started. Imagine how shocked I felt when everyone quieted down and I hear a familiar voice. I looked up to see who was talking and it was the VP I worked with every day. The same one who regularly told people how worthless and stupid they were. The same one who, up to that time, used some of the most vulgar language of any adult I had ever interacted with in person. He was not just speaking to the class, it turned out he was the Director of the singles’ department for the church.

    Guess how many times I’ve been back?

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      Wow, that is messed up. That reminds me of something Matt Chandler said in a sermon. Church is a really boring hobby. If you aren’t going to live for Christ, what is the point of church? Why even bother wasting your time? There have to be more exciting things to do.

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    I feel like I have a few stories just like that to tell. And I think someone could probably tell that of me too… at least the “then they failed” part.
    I was deeply grieved when I read that post by Gary. I really knew nothing about him other than he was trying to revitalize biblical manhood in the church.
    There are others who I have been close to, who had made a big impact in my walk. Later they would fail in a major way. I caught myself questioning everything they had told me. But I knew they told me the truth. They just stopped living it for a moment.
    I just heard a great sermon from Matt Chandler today about the disappointment and doubt we suffer because some great leader falls is because our faith is in the wrong place.
    Jesus will never fail us. Never

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