6-12-09 Daily iPhone photo

Daily iPhone photo 10-12-09

If you’re like me, your desk is covered in piles of stuff. The coolest thing on my desk right now is a thank-you card sent to me by the fine folks at Less Accounting (who I highly recommend, by the way, and that has nothing to do with the receipt of said thank-you card, although it did make my day).

Darth Vader was supposed to guard the Starbucks card that was inside. Unfortunately, Becca is faster than the plastic Dark Lord.

So what’s the coolest thing on your desk right now?

Taken with the iPhone, then I bumped the exposure level slightly.



  1. says

    Lots to choose from, but this is the coolest thing on my desk right now, though other folks would likely choose one of the other several dozen toys and gadgets surrounding me right now. 🙂


    It’s a figure of Kyuzo from “Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa.

  2. Lex says

    Sooo much to choose from! My vintage-ish owl lamp, wind-up sumo wrestler game, accordion Post-It pad, mini Sharpies, 1000 ft of CAUTION tape …

    But I’m going to give “coolest” to the two bags of organic, fair-trade, 963 Missions (.com) coffee. Word.

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