Looking in all the wrong places

There are times when I want to shut everything down. I want to close my business, go get a job and just work for someone else. I know ultimately I would be unhappy working for someone else, but the temptation is there. The temptation of more reasonable work hours and a steady paycheck.

It usually happens on weeks like this one. Challenging weeks when I work 15-hour days and yet still no checks come in. Just a typical week of owning a business, but after four years, I’ve had enough of those weeks that they wear me down easier. Deep down, I know this is what I’m supposed to do, and I know I’ll probably get enough checks in next week for an entire month. That’s how it works, but I get tired. The real problem, though, is I’m looking to the wrong things for peace.

Ultimately, I want to work less hours, so I can rest more and have peace. I want a steady stream of money so I can be comfortable and at peace. I’m reminded that ultimately Christ is the only thing that will give me that peace. His peace transcends money and time and all the other worries that plague me.

Why is it so much easier to give in to worry than it is to give in to the peace Jesus offers?



  1. Lex says

    I feel you. There are more voices shouting “Worry” than the one whispering “Peace.” Peace takes focus, and who has time to focus?

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