Need some opinions

Daily iPhone June 09 8x10

I created the above 8×10 from 20 of my favorite photos from my June 2009 daily iPhone photos. I really just wanted to order a print for myself but then I had an idea. I thought I’d run it by you guys.

What if I offered a subscription service where at the middle of every month you received a shiny new 8×10 print like the one above of 20 of my favorite shots from the previous month?

I’d limit it to 20 subscriptions and they would be $12 per month for a six month subscription (basically $72 up front). That would include shipping, tax, and anything else fun I could throw in there at some point. The only reason I’m asking before just outright doing it is to see if anyone is really interested. I like them, but they are my pictures so I’m not exactly objective.

At $12 a month per print I make a solid $5 each. Times 20, that’s $100 a month profit. That’s not exactly worth it when you figure in all the time it will take to produce/package/ship/manage, however, the idea that 20 people would want prints of my random iPhone photos in their house makes me happy. So, $12 per print is about as low as I can go and still justify it. Each print would be produced by our professional lab and be numbered just like the one above.

So I leave it to you. Would anyone be interested in something like that? If you say no, you really won’t hurt my feelings (I don’t even think Becca would pay for it), but I would like to know either way.

Just post a comment with a yeah or nay. And a yes isn’t a commitment, it just lets me know you might be interested if I ever did it.



  1. jennetcetera says

    Honestly I would say no up front: however, that being said, I’d be willing to pay more (say, 20) for a print that had a bunch of pictures that I thought looked good together, or that I thought would look good in my house, or had some sort of theme. I think the idea is sound, I just wouldn’t be comfortable paying for something monthly that I didn’t really know for sure what I’d be getting ahead of time. If you had, say, 5 collages like this for sale and I could pick 1 that I really liked for a bit more money, I would probably be more likely to buy.

    Of course, my husband is VERY anti-more-stuff-in-the-house, so this opinion is keeping that in mind šŸ™‚

  2. Sherri says

    Honestly, I would have to say no. I say this because I don’t know what I would do with random shots of you or your family or what you ate for lunch that day. haha. But, if it were of me or my family or something that meant something to me, I might consider it. Just a thought. Good luck with it.

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