When God gives you rainbows

At the end of the rainbow

You take advantage of them. This was from Mallorie and Devin’s wedding last night. We only had a couple of minutes to make it work, but I’m very proud of how it turned out. Sometimes every piece comes together nicely.



  1. mocha_chick says

    That is an awesome shot. You can even see the second rainbow. They are going to love this shot for years and years.

  2. says

    This is so full of win. the double visual metaphor the rainbow and the umbrella is stellar. Kinda wish the overhang wasn’t in the shot – but that could come out in post. Great job Chad!!

    • says

      Yeah I’m not a fan of the overhang either. I might try a version where I take it out. Would have just shot around it but they were trying to stay out of the rain.

  3. Coby says

    Can you arrange for rainbows (but not necessarily rain…hmm…) when you shoot my wedding? I’d appreciate it.

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