The Bacon Lip Balm F.A.Q.


Chad! Did you know they make Bacon Lip Balm?
I did. In fact, I have some.

Wow, that was fast.
Yeah, I tend to be pretty fast when it comes to new bacon-related consumer products.

So how is it?
Smells like bacon.

That’s it?
Well I’m not an avid lip-balm user, so I can’t speak to its balmy traits.

So you haven’t used it at all?
Nope. I did try to get Becca to use it, but to no avail.

Couldn’t that be dangerous if she wore something that made her smell like bacon around you?
Possibly for her. But I’d be fine.

What a relief.
I know. If you aren’t into the whole lip balm thing, you could always go for the awesome Bacon Salt and Baconnaise. Did I mention they were awesome? The lip balm came to me as part of J&D’s Ultimate Bacon Lover’s Gift Pack, which is worth every penny my brother spent on it.



  1. Coby says

    I’m obviously behind on my blog reading, but I had to comment on this. Bacon lip balm sounds absolutely disgusting. I like bacon as much as the next person (except maybe you), but I would not want to have it in a balmy texture right underneath my nose all day. Blecchh…

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