Fast food fast

How much money would we save if we stopped eating fast food? How much smaller would our waste lines be? How much healthier would our hearts be? So where exactly is the benefit in fast food?

I was pondering this after spending another $7 on a meal the other day. It was your typical fast food. It didn’t satisfy in any way. It looked nothing like the menu photo. It tasted nothing like the menu photo promised. It was really a waste of money. I can only think of one restaurant with a drive through that actually delivers what it promises.

I’m not saying don’t eat out. Usually if you go to a nicer restaurant, you pay more, but you leave feeling like you got your money’s worth. It’s just that when we keep buying fast food, we are really rewarding mediocrity and encouraging more of the same.

So what if we just didn’t buy any more fast food? Why do we continue to pour money down that disappointing drain? Save your money and maybe your health too. I’m going to try it.



  1. says

    The benefit of fast food is just that, food that is fast and requires little effort on the part of the consumer. I agress, tried to go 1 month without fast food. I failed, its too convenient! I wish you luck 🙂

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