Military Mower Man

Military Mower Man

Meet Jerry. Recently retired from the Marines, he now does lawn care for a living. Being that I’m very busy/lazy, I was happy to have him mow our lawn. After he was done, he mentioned that he still needed to get some business cards made. I offered to help him out with a set, I just needed to know what he wanted to say on them.

This evening he came back with his info, and his business name. Military Mower Man. I instantly envisioned him in uniform next to a mower. Fifteen minutes later, we were doing an impromptu photo shoot in my front yard. From Creative concept to photo shoot to design all in about an hour. I love being creative like that. Plus now he’ll have the highest quality business cards anyone’s ever had to promote lawn service.



  1. jennetcetera says

    Nicely done. I read the blog out loud and Justin said “nice. Sounds like something Chad would do.” Hahaha…then I told him it WAS you and he just nodded knowingly πŸ™‚

  2. says

    Cool shot.

    I guess my lawn guy’s business cards just got knocked down to second place (his girlfriend is a marketing person), though my lawn guy wears cowboy boots and a cowboy hat when he mows, so I’m not sure which one would win in a fight. As a child, I would have bet on the cowboy, but I didn’t know about Marines back then.

  3. liz says

    thats my man!! he’s good at what he does an he is serious about work, those 2 combinations put together is what makes him the best!!

  4. Jerry says

    Just wanted to say those cards are going to turn out great. Thank you for the amazing work you did on them. Again God Bless

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