The camera in my head won’t turn off

As I’ve made the switch to doing photography for a living, I find I can’t seem to turn it off. No matter where I go or what I’m doing, I catch myself sizing up locations and looking for places to shoot. Every day when sunset rolls around if I’m not shooting, I wish I was. While probably being mildly unhealthy, I think it’s also made me a much better photographer. It’s much easier to go into a location and find great angles to shoot from if I’m used to doing that everywhere I go anyway.

Leon Clift

I took these shots today at my in-laws’ land. We’re planning a shoot with Leon next week to promote his music ministry. These are just test shots, but I had already taken both these frames in my head before I ever set up any gear. The more often I practice taking pictures with my mind, the easier it becomes to find the shot I want quickly.

Leon Clift




  1. Alyssa Clift says

    Wow I just loovvveeee it!! I partly want to be photagaphor ( or however u spell it! Lol!)when I grow up. I mainly want to be a worship leader Like Kim walker-smith check her out at iTunes!!! 😉

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