Scheduling for the future


As we’ve started looking to the future of our business, I’ve been thinking a lot about my schedule. Right now I’m working about seven days a week and usually just getting done what is in front of me that must immediately be done. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to work on growing the business and planning for the future.

For 2010, we’ve set some very ambitious goals. To hit those, I’m going to have to spend a lot more time working on the business instead of in it.


I thought I’d share what I hope my weeks will look like soon.

Sunday :: Rest
I’m terrible at taking time off. Sunday isn’t really ideal for rest because we work at church for half the day but usually it’s the only day of the week we don’t have anything else scheduled. Any week I can have another day off, I’ll take it, but for now this will probably have to do.

Monday :: Marketing/Learning
Eight straight hours of working on nothing but my business and learning new skills is the goal for Mondays. Everything from designing promotional pieces for us to reaching out to other people in the business. If I spend a solid eight hours a week promoting us, I think it will make a massive difference. I’m planning to spend about half the day working on marketing and half the day reading, watching and learning everything I can to become a better photographer.

Tuesday – Saturday :: Planning/Scouting/Shooting/Postproduction
Pretty self-explanatory. Tuesday through Saturday are when the real work will happen. Everything that goes into running a photography business will happen on these five days. Having Sunday and Monday marked off means I’ll have to focus even harder these five days to get everything accomplished.


I’m under no delusion that this schedule will work every single week. If a client needs to shoot on Monday, we’ll probably shoot on Monday. However, if I can stick to this schedule the majority of the time I think we’ll go a long way toward hitting our goals.

So what does your average week look like?


I took these new shots of the boys today to test out a new 50″ soft box. Unfortunately, Conner wasn’t big enough to hold it in the wind so I only got a few shots of Colton.




  1. Lex says

    “Conner wasn’t big enough to hold it in the wind” Cuuute.

    The day of rest is so important. Important enough to be a command, really. I had to make mine Saturday, and it’s really hard to maintain, but do it.

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