ImageRecap Episode 1: Rachel’s Trash the Dress

Click the image above to view the video.

I’m hoping other photographers can give me some feedback on if things like this are helpful or not. Like most things I’ve ever done, I come up with an idea I would have loved to see from others and thought I’d try it myself. The idea behind these episodes is to give an insight into what I’m thinking and how I work, for whatever that is worth. I’m trying to do a good balance of what I think worked on a shoot and what I would change up in hindsight. I’ll post up a few of these this week since I have a backlog of shoots I can use.

Rachel’s was a shoot with a great concept and a short time frame so I’m proud of what we accomplished. As you’ll see, there are a lot of small things I would definitely change about these pictures. Overall I’m proud of this shoot but wish I hadn’t let the time constraints distract me from noticing some little details.



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