The grind stone is calling

I, like most of the rest of America, have to return to work tomorrow. It’s not that I took the last two weeks off. Not officially anyway. It’s just that the amount of work I produced wouldn’t exactly set the world on fire.

As John Scalzi post on Twitter on New Year’s day, “I have spent the ENTIRE YEAR watching movies and playing video games.”

That pretty much summed up my two weeks. We spent Christmas at my parents’ house where I took this, opened some presents and generally just sat around. Except for the part where I helped load a pump jack into the back of a truck, it was very relaxing (and even that held its own unique charm).

Other than that, I’ve enjoyed playing Borderlands and Assasin’s Creed 2. I posted some photos, and started writing more. I read a few books Becca bought me for Christmas. I had one box under the tree and it contained a sizable stack of old James Bond novels. And being the quirky person that I am, I don’t want nice hardcover versions of the novels. If I’m reading Bond, I want a ratty old used paper backs. Somehow it seems appropriate and adds to the experience. But that’s just me.

I spent a lot of time thinking about 2010 and prepping my mind for another 365 days of creating things. Tomorrow, it’s time to actually start doing all that. See you then.


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