The Bible in 90 days

Starting January 1st, I decided to do the Bible in 90 Days plan on Youversion. Usually at the beginning of every year I attempt one of the 1-year reading plans. I always make it about two or three months. At that point I usually fall a few days behind because of some project or another and before you know it, it seems hopeless to catch up. This happens every year.

The reading on the 90-day plan is more intense, usually about twelve to fifteen chapters a day, but I feel like it’s a pace I can sustain. I was surprised to learn each days reading usually takes less than an hour. While it has been hard making it through Leviticus and Numbers (sorry, they are just really dry to read) I think it’s something I’ll actually achieve. I usually tackle the first half of the reading in the morning. I’ll then read a chapter or two throughout the day and polish off the remainder before bed. I’ve found it’s good for me to follow this pattern because it’s always on my mind.

I wonder what my life would look like in 2011 if I could not only finish one run through the Bible, but potentially two or three more this year. It’s an interesting experiment.

So did you start a new reading plan on January 1st? How’s it going so far?



  1. says

    You could totally read the Bible 4 times with that program! Sounds intense to me. Stick with it. You’ll have a spiritual 6 pack by the time you’re done 😛
    If you can make it through Leviticus and Numbers, you can handle the rest.

    • says

      Leviticus and Numbers are absolutely killing me. The only upside to reading that much in a day though is we blow through books in 2-3 days so we don’t linger long on the boring parts.

  2. onemansbeliefs says

    You said, “Leviticus and Numbers are absolutely killing me.”

    Perhaps the next time you read them put the following in the forefront of your mind…

    Boiled down, Leviticus and Numbers are 1. God living with His people 2. God meeting every need they have 3. God teaching them how to walk with Him.

    Enjoy the Bible reading!!!!

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