Switching things up

Over the weekend I launched a completely redesigned ImageStudios.tv. Our previous site was a nice portfolio site, but just didn’t do everything I really wanted. The new one will be home to all our wedding and family related photography posts. So, if that’s why you read this particular blog, I’d suggest subscribing to the new one. I’ve already populated it with a bunch of past shoots and posts so all new posts from here on out should be photos you’ve never seen from me before.

The switch will allow much easier updating of the site (now being entirely WordPress based), will be much more search engine friendly and allow me to post larger photos. I’ll still post iPhone photos and my other general musings on this blog.

Later this month I’ll also be launching another site/blog for my commercial and editorial photography. I know it sounds confusing but in the world of photography marketing, it actually makes a lot of sense.

This is the year photography is at the forefront of my business and this is the first big step.



  1. vimphoto says

    This looks pretty great. I love the idea and it seems like this is a great for easily updating all your photography content. How well does the iPhone app work? I haven’t tried it yet but looking into it now.

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