Shoot something

Cody's headshot

Neither of these two pictures are particularly great. I like them, they just aren’t great. I think it’s because they aren’t exactly what I had in my head when I set up the lights. So why am I posting them? Because I felt the need to shoot something today. I was scheduled for a shoot with Dr. Doug, but a dead car battery forced us to reschedule that. So I broke out the lights later and shot some of the boys.

I’ve found lately that it’s easy to get in a rut of not shooting if I don’t have a paying job on the books for that day. This isn’t good for either me or my future clients. So, I’m endeavoring to shoot more for myself. It helps me stay fresh, try new things and maybe even discover things I never knew before.

Ok, since writing all that, I’ve decided I really like the shot of Cody. I think it’s the black and white conversion, but I dig it.

Colton's headshot



  1. says

    I like the lighting on the first one.

    I’m not in the photog biz…yet…but I am forcing myself to keep shooting so I can keep learning. I’ve only had my DSLR for 3+ weeks and my kids are already hiding when they see me coming. 🙂

    • says

      The lighting is actually the same for both, but I think the black and white conversion adds something special.

      The light set up was one AB800 in a 50″ softbox to camera left. One AB800 in a 28″ softbox to camera right and slightly behind him. One SB800 behind him aimed at the wall.

      Just keep taking pictures like crazy. That’s how I learned half of what I know. I’ve been watching your photo of the day posts. You’ve got some nice ones in there.

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