We’re everywhere!

Much of this last two weeks has been consumed with the online strategy for the studio. I’ve known for a while what I wanted to do, but it has taken forever to get it all together. I finally bit the bullet and did it all because 2010 is the year we make all this happen. So below is a list of where to find us and what content is where.

Wedding + Family site :: ImageStudios.tv
As the site is in blog form, I’ll be posting all new photos from shoots under those categories.

Commercial + Editorial site :: ChadWright.tv
This site is almost exactly like ImageStudios.tv except it will be the home for all my commercial and editorial work.

Studio Facebook Fan Page
This is for all you Facebook fans out there. It will be a hub where we’ll post links and discussion about all our work across all of our sites. This might be the best place to keep up with all that I do, photography-wise.

Personal Blog :: chadwright.wordpress.com
This is what you’re reading right now. I’ll keep posting personal thoughts and iPhone photos here, along with an occasional update about the studios sites. I’ll also post ImageRecap episodes here for now, which reminds me, I should really crank out another one of those.

Personal Twitter account :: twitter.com/chadwright
If you just need to hear what I think up to the minute, (and really, why wouldn’t you?) this is the place for you.

Personal Facebook Account :: facebook.com/chadwright
Again, for all you Facebook lovers (sorry, I’m not one of them) this will duplicate much of the content of my Twitter account.

“But Chad,” you ask, “Isn’t that all very complicated?”

Why yes, yes it is. However, it’s all for the best. Each site serves a very specific purpose. The two studio sites/blogs are for marketing purposes. The personal blog, Twitter and Facebook are generally what I’m thinking about. The point is to have representation wherever our clients may be. So that’s our strategy for 2010.

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate each of you guys. The fact that anyone reads what I write and looks at what I shoot makes me happy. This is going to be an amazing year filled with great new projects. I hope you’ll be there with us the entire time.


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