How to do a rebranding face plant

Today, AT&T announced a rebrand of their semi-iconic logo. It’s an effort to distance themselves from their recent fights with Verizon and consistent complaints about terrible customer service and poor coverage. I’m working with a company right now on a relaunch of their brand. The first question that should always be asked is “how did we get here?” Why are we to the point that we even need to rebrand? What went wrong?

My problem is most rebrands start and end with a call to the agency handling the account, with absolutely no thought given to changing the things that soured the brand in the first place. AT&T, you don’t need a new logo. You need to not suck. I know given your size, that is probably a tough proposition. However, just redesigning the logo alone is like treating a headache but leaving the underlying brain tumor to continue to wreak havoc.

Rebranding shouldn’t start with the logo. It should start from the ground and move up from there eventually leading to a logo that represents the new and hopefully improved company.

Artwork via Brand New.



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