New equipment doesn’t equal creativity

Jennet + Justin + Ben Maternity

“If I had a new ________ I could do amazing things.”

We live in a tool-centric world. We are so obsessed with having the latest doohickey for our jobs we don’t really give enough thought to what we can do with that doohickey, beyond possess it. We think that new piece of tech will motivate us to do great things. I’m as guilty as anyone. I have some really nice gear. And I’ve found if my head isn’t in the right place and if I’m not really motivated to greatness, I output very mediocre work with that nice gear.

New equipment cannot make up for a lack of creativity, drive and hard work.

If you are expecting inspiration and motivation solely from a lifeless piece of technology, you’ll be disappointed. It’s a lesson I’m trying to learn. Focus on what you love. The rest will figure itself out.

The picture above is one I recently made while doing something I love. It means a lot that it turned out like I envisioned. And it had little to do with the latest gear and everything to do with hard work and creativity.



  1. says

    Excellent post, Chad! No hardware can compete with the mind. Lots of great stuff can be done with hardware that’s a few years old and the right idea.

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