For my kids

Everyone celebrates the fathers on this day, and rightfully so. Like the moms on Mother’s Day, it’s a time to honor the hard work and love it takes to be a good parent.

While I’ve never felt like a particularly amazing father, I’ve always had the goal of helping my kids avoid the mistakes I made in life. At some point I think I realized that was impossible. Probably at about the millionth time Colton hid his homework rather than having to do it, just like I used to do.

So the best I can do is attempt to model for them what they should do and how they should react to life. I don’t always do a great job of this, but I try. The frustrating thing about kids is you don’t know if you’ve done a good job raising them until they face adversity. Problems reveal their character. Problems also reveal to us our need for God. In that respect I always want to protect my kids, but I also realize a life of ease breeds people that don’t feel they need God.

So I guess my hope this Father’s Day is that I will raise kids that face adversity well. I pray they will make good decisions and take life as it happens, knowing that nothing happens outside of God’s will. If they can handle that, the rest will be easy.


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