Minimizing left turns

I was reading this great article on the founding of UPS and came across the following fact:

UPS developed software that routes trucks such that they minimize left turns in their deliveries. By doing so, they reduced their annual fuel consumption by nearly 51,000 gallons in Washington DC alone. The reduction in fuel comes from drivers not having to sit idling at red lights waiting to make left hand turns.

As a one-man operation, I’ve hit a wall when it comes to the amount of work I can produce entirely on my own. This quickly limits how much new work I can take on. So the options basically become hiring people to help grow the business or optimizing my time to allow for growth.

Because I really don’t want to hire anyone and go down that road right now, I have to get rid of my left-hand turns. I need to find things that are basically wasted time and see what I can do to eliminate them. Every second a UPS driver is headed toward their destination is productive. Every second they are sitting at a red light waiting to turn left is wasted. I need to avoid some of my red lights.

Although I also find it inspiring that UPS was founded by two teenagers with a bicycle and $100. Makes you wonder what we could do with the vast amount of resources we have available now.



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