So I’m 30 now. As of Monday, I guess it’s official. Honestly it feels a lot like 29.

Leading up to 30, I’ve had a lot of anxiety. It’s not because I, in any way, fear being older. In fact I relish the idea. My anxiety stemmed from my fear that by not accomplishing any of my big goals by 30, I’m walking in a lot of failure. My focus on those failures, some of which are real and some of which are probably just in my head, was really just a point of self reflection. Where am I at? Where am I going? I think it’s good to examine those things and birthdays just happen to be a good place to do it.

So now I’m 30 and my triumphs and failures look exactly like they did last year. I still wake up and try to do the best I can. I still screw up a lot. Through the grace of God, I sometimes get it right.


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