Having, giving and chasing

I enjoy giving and doing for others. That never seems to burn in me deeper than when I don’t really have anything to give. When money is tight and giving isn’t possible I want to give. Well, let’s be honest here, the giving is possible but it requires more faith than I seem to be able to walk in.

But then when a blessing comes and we have extra money, rarely does my mind turn to giving. When we are blessed, my mind turns to two things which prevent me from giving.

The first is fear. I don’t know the future, so I focus on the fact that I don’t have a enough money to live out my life comfortably and I never know when the next blessing will come along. I’m not saying give everything away blindly. It is still smart to save and put away for the future. But, on the other side of that coin, if God calls you to give to something or someone, do it. Be obedient. We need to do everything with an eye towards what God wants, both in our saving and our giving.

The second thing my mind turns to that prevents me from giving is things I want. This is absolute lunacy considering all the things I’ve acquired up to this point have provided me with no peace and no lasting joy. What makes me think that the next man-made product to be produced will provide those things for me? It’s the definition of insanity.

In the end, what I give to others is entirely about my relationship with God. It is about his chasing after me and my chasing after him. And I hope in the future I can listen more closely to him instead of focusing on things I fear and things I want.



  1. says

    It’s a concept I’ve heard a hundred times, but your post really reminded me of how there will never be that one thing we get that makes us satisfied. If we have that desire for “just one more thing” we’ll always feel like we don’t have enough. We experienced a lot of peace and growth during the time we got out of debt. Now that its been a couple years, I’ve grown stagnant in caring, in giving and have grown again in my desire for more stuff. We are about to step into a new phase of saving and giving. To be honest, I don’t REALLY want to, but it’s definitely what we need. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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