How I typically mess up giving

So all this talk of giving this week leads me to one final point. How do I typically mess up the idea of giving? I know I do it and I think, if we’re honest, a lot of other people do too.

I focus on the giving and what I’m doing with it and whether I can afford it or not. But, like many, I have taken what the Bible says about giving and made it entirely about checking an item off a list. I’ve fallen into a works-based system that has nothing to do with what Jesus is trying to accomplish through the gospel.

The truth is he’s after my heart, not my money. Instead of seeing that, I check off my giving 10% and then assume I can do whatever I want with the other 90%. Living life for him means everything. Instead of seeking the heart and glory of God, I try to make sure the checklist is complete so I can do what I want. In that line of thinking, I’m missing the point and stealing glory from God, which, in my experience, is not the best thing to do.


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