Outlets for giving

I promised yesterday was my last post on giving for the week, but I was wrong. Through this week, I’ve been looking at the places I have given or want to give. As I assembled this list, I realized all of my giving is in some way related to the church. And there are thousands of great organizations out there doing amazing work for God by giving directly to impoverished nations. I’m thinking of organizations who’s entire goal is to go to Africa and dig clean water wells.

But none of those appear on my list. I think we are all called differently and my heart just beats for the church. Ideally, churches will partner with these organizations to do some amazing good around the world. And so far in my life I’ve given to church-based organizations who do amazing work that I feel the need to support. Everyone’s list looks very different. These are mine.

Legacy Fellowship
As my home church, I feel called to give. This is where we live, work and serve. This is our community. Most of our giving ends up here.

Desiring God
Desiring God provides a mind-boggling amount of resources for people and churches. I listen to and watch unreal amounts of their content every month. I’m happy to give so they can continue to spread God’s word.

The Village Church
If we lived in or near the DFW area, this would be our church. God has used The Village’s pastor, Matt Chandler, to impact my walk with God more than anyone else in my life ever has. And he’s done every bit of that through just listening to their online sermons every week. This is just a personal calling I feel to give to this church and God’s work there.

Acts 29 Network
The Acts 29 Network is a church-planting organization that is hard at work raising up a huge number of new church plants. They are striving to reach folks who have never been reached by existing churches and I think that’s a work worthy of supporting.


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