What it’s all about

Two weekends ago we spent a few days with my parents at the lake. For my two younger ones it was really the first time they have been able to go fishing.

They were more patient and excited about fishing than by brother and I ever were. We fished for about five hours and it wasn’t until the very end that Cody began to get tired and impatient. They won’t stop asking me when we are going back.

Out of that five hours, I probably spent about two of it fishing myself. The rest was pulling fish off hooks, putting worms on hooks, tying on new hooks and generally doing everything except fishing. I have a new respect for my dad and what he had to go through when we were kids on the lake.

I’m not sure what the best part of the weekend was. It might have been watching my children beam with pride and joy as they pulled those perch out of the water. But it just might have been working along side my dad to enable all that joy to take place.

And yes, that tiny little fish in Cody’s picture was one he caught, not the bait. Watching him reel that in was so much fun.


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