Bacon vs. cheese

I know that I risk, with this post, the destruction of all that is good about the internet. I accept that but feel I need to set something straight.

I love bacon. I know this is no surprise to, well, anyone. I have somehow become the “bacon guy.” I have people emailing me pictures of things they cook that have bacon in them. Every time it makes me laugh at the insanity that is the internet. And I’m honored to be the bacon guy. Really, I am. But I don’t just want to be a pretender to the bacon guy throne. So I feel I have to be honest.

I actually like cheese better than bacon.

Ok. If you can read this part, I guess the world has not imploded. Which also means I’m less important in the grand scheme of things than I had hoped, but I’ll address that later. So yeah, there it is. I love cheese. Not just any cheese, mind you. I like most, but I really love a good gouda. This doesn’t in any way diminish my love of bacon. It’s just that when faced with that age-old “if you could only have one thing on a desert island” question, I’d have to go cheese. Of course, types of cheese and crispiness of bacon have to be taken into account, but still, it’s probably going to be cheese.

Sorry if this wrecks your Friday. Feel free to now think of me as both your bacon and cheese guy. Hope that helps.



  1. says

    Hey have you ever had something so good and said,” if they are eating in heaven, this is what they are eating!” Bacon wrapped cheese! In my case, I have said that about sushi! Yum! Nice chat tonight!

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