Just one week

Any time I wanted to buy something as a kid, I had to wait a week. This was my Mom’s rule and it made me nuts. An entire week? Are you kidding me? In kid time, that might as well be a year.

What if they sold it first? This was back when we lived in west Texas. We had a Wal-Mart in town and that was about it when it came to toy retailers. This was before the wonders of the internet which allow you to buy anything and everything you could ever want in an instant. If they sold that Batman figure I wanted, there was a good chance I would never have it. Ever. And I had to have that Batman.

I realize my mom was attempting to teach me patience, and probably also that our desire for things quickly fades and I would be wisest to just save the money.

I never learned. Despite the fact that my life revolved around my purchase and subsequent enjoyment of that Batman toy, I can’t tell you what it was. I’m sure it was one of the million variations they made on the original Batman suit so they could sell more toys (Mom, Mom, I must have Disco Batman with groove action!).

I guess it’s part of the growing up process that I don’t understand this until I’m an adult. And now I’ll strive to teach my kids the same thing as best I can.


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