The back and forth

We really build our lives around massive events. Graduating. Getting married. Having kids. Getting raises. Buying houses and cars. And yet, these events are such a small fraction of the things that happen to us. We view them as events that propel us forward to new heights in our lives.

The real action, though, is in the common back and forth of everyday life. We “survive” by focusing on the next big event. I’ve noticed in our lives lately it seems like we take a few massive steps backwards and then a few small ones forward. We celebrate our victories only to get beat down the next minute with a defeat. And then a phone call will happen and we have a small victory again. This back and forth is life.

I know I try to ignore the back and forth as much as I can because it’s too much of a roller coaster ride. I try to focus on the big events and let that drive me. But, the last two years have taught me life isn’t about those big events. It can’t be because I haven’t had any. It’s just been a constant struggle of back and forth. It seems like we’ve moved back more than we’ve moved forward in so many areas.

And yet we are still here. God has used all of it to pull us closer to him. The back and forth is what he uses to get our attention and keep us depending on him. This last week feels like one of those were it’s just been defeat after defeat. But I see God moving in all of it.

He has our attention.

We are depending on him.

I always wish for an easier life, but if this is what gets us more of God, I guess I’ll take it.



  1. says

    It’s very true. It’s annoying – at times – but true. The back & forth of life is exhausting. It gets exhausting trying to hang onto that “big thing” – get excited and even celebrate – only to have the emotions of life do a drastic swing in the opposite direction. Exhausting.

    One thing I’ve tried to focus on during this crazy season is – Him. Depend on Him. It’s very tough – at least for me – but I know it’s what I must do.

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