The God of everything

As I watched the waves crash around me this week, it was hard to ignore the might of God. Who is more glorious, a God who sets the tides and then just lets the waves randomly crash as they will, or a God who has controlled the direction and timing of every wave that has ever crashed?

The ultimate question in life is not “Who am I?” Not only am I very insignificant in the grand scheme of things but the answer to that question will be different all the time. The ultimate question is “Who is God?” It is the question that, once answered, changes the course of your entire life forever.

Does your view of God change over time? Absolutely it does, but he never changes. As I’ve learned more about who God is and how he works, I’ve fallen even more deeply in love with him than I ever knew was possible. Once you start down the track of truly finding God, it changes everything.

Stand in the ocean some time. See if it doesn’t give you a different view of just how big God is and how small we are.

So who is God to you? Is he the owner of the garden who plants everything and leaves it to grow in whatever direction it wills? Or is he the gardener who lovingly prunes and controls the growth of each limb of every plant to create a beautiful picture of his glory?



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