A quiet house

Cody's first day

Cody's first day

Cody's first day

Yesterday marked Cody’s first day of kindergarten. With that big milestone, our house is so quiet during the day. It’s a bit odd but I’m sure I’ll come to enjoy it. Right now, though, it’s a little sad.

Our baby is big now. He marched into class and we found his seat. From there he began coloring, watching his fellow classmates and looking around the room to make sure he was doing what he was supposed to. Little attention was paid to us after that. I stalked about the room, trying to find one more thing to put up or do, watching him the entire time. His teacher gently hinted that they could take care of everything.

“There are tissues and treats for the parents in the library,” his teacher said.

Tissues? I don’t need tissues. We walked through a massive sand storm on the way in. I just have sand in my eyes. And really, what kind of trade is that? I give you one of my treasured sons and you give me tissues? Those better be some really nice tissues.

Becca told me it was time to go before they kicked us out.

“I love you Cody.”

“Ok, Dad,” was all he said.

I know he loves me even if he couldn’t say it right then. I know he was very overwhelmed by the first moments of this new part of his life.

So am I.



  1. Kandy says

    Ah, that brings a tear to my eye…. Just wait til your baby starts his senior year of high school… that brings a tear to my eye, too.

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