Provided for

Everyone prays that God would provide for them. Rarely do we ask if we’ll be happy with what he provides.

We all believe God will provide some big paycheck and allow us to buy food. And our definition of buying food is going to the store to buy a week’s worth of food. The problem is that week’s worth of food is more than some people in the world will see in a month, if not more. So I think our view might be skewed.

What if God providing looks like having you scrounging quarters to go buy a loaf of bread so your kids have sandwiches for lunch?

What if God providing looks like finally cooking that can of beans that has been in your pantry for a year?

Sometimes I wonder if God looks around when we ask for provision and says “I have provided!”

The Bible says God will provide for us. It also says Jesus is enough. So you have to search the couch for pennies or your kids don’t eat. My guess is you are praying while shoving your hands between the cushions. Nothing reveals our need for God more than not having money. What if having 14 cents in your bank account is the blessing of God to make us reliant on him and hungry for his presence? What if this went on for a really long time?

Would you be satisfied with that? Would you feel provided for?



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