One of the beautiful things about suffering is it sifts through the millions of elements of our daily lives and the truly important things float to the top. Everything else falls into a very broad category of unimportant. We received some tough news about my brother-in-law’s health yesterday. It was one of those sifting moments.

So many things that, seconds before the call, were our complete focus, suddenly didn’t matter. As I look at it, I realize the majority of my time is spent on things that ultimately don’t matter. Things like that, when suffering rears it’s head, are made small and insignificant.

I listened to my beautiful wife speak the truth of Christ into someone’s life last night in the midst of the most catastrophic suffering she’s been through. I taught my kids about the beauty of God and how he is good, even in the midst of pain. We prayed, cried and comforted. I confessed my anger and fears to the Lord and tried to leave it at his feet to take care of. At the end of the day, nothing is as important as the love of our sweet God and King.

He has every cell in his hand. He controls them for his glory.

That is important.



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