Obedience equals trust

Being obedient to what God calls us to do has almost nothing to do with the act he asks of us. Does he need our actions to do his will? No.

What I think it’s about is trusting God. We trust that in being obedient, he will work through us. We trust that others’ reaction will also be guided by him. Does this mean it all goes smoothly? No. In fact, the Bible is filled with stories of men who were obedient and were killed for it. Our hope is not that God will make nothing but good things happen to us. Our trust is in the fact that God will give us more of him. More of him may look like suffering here on Earth. It will look very different in the next life.

Trust him. If he calls you to do something, it is so you can have more of him. The actual action is such a minor part of it, but that’s what usually receives all of our focus.


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