A stormy September?

August was a stormy month for us. Easily the worst we’ve ever lived through. Finally, it seems like there are some small rays of light poking through the clouds. But, the clouds are still very much there, raging and rolling.

My prayer is that I stick close to God even as things improve. I have no doubt that he had his hand in every catastrophe that hit us this month. All of it was designed to bring us closer to him. That means these problems are a blessing from God. I’ve learned the ultimate good he can give us is him. We are so focused on health, money and comfort. All of these pales in comparison to being close to our King.

I pray I don’t forget that. It’s so easy to go back to pursuing everything else as our ultimate joy. Nothing satisfies like God, and sometimes he has to take everything away for us to realize that.

We still have a long way to go. But God is good.


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