The big question

I’ve had a big question that has bothered me my entire adult life. Most people go to church to be ministered to, worship God and be in community.

So what if, instead of those things, the church becomes a place to work?

I’ve been a pastor for a good chunk of my adult life. Where do you go to be ministered to when you can’t separate what church should be and all the work that has to be done?

This is something I’ve fought with for over a long time now. I can’t be the only pastor that has ever struggled with this.



  1. alice Branch says

    It makes me crazy to hear the comment, “No one was friendly to me at that church.” Christians should go to church to minister to others, each a part of the body of Christ, not to be “stroked” by others.
    However, I know that there are times when we are completely wiped out and unable to meet the needs of others.

    • says

      Probably. Part of it is my own failure to develop deep relationships. I have a lot of work to do on my own life that I’ve never really addressed. That will involve opening up to people and becoming a better friend.

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