The fading sting of suffering

Suffering in life usually brings our relationship with God into stark focus. Without God, we feel helpless. With God, we feel helpless, but have a place to turn. Suffering can be horribly painful, but it brings with it a sweetness if we draw close to God in those times. I am never closer to God than when things are falling apart.

Everyone knows August was bad for us. We still have a lot of challenges ahead, but I think we are finally to the point where we aren’t receiving calls with bad news on an hourly basis. Everything isn’t perfect, but life has settled back into some strange new form of normalcy. And I’m amazed how quick the close connection with God fades as the sting of suffering begins to subside.

I struggle to hang on to the close connection, like a thin strand of a spider’s web, but I feel it slipping away. It doesn’t completely disappear, but it definitely isn’t as strong.

I don’t think it’s a fight I’ll ever totally win, but I have to try.



  1. Kandy says

    Reminds me of the intensity of emotions around 9/11 when we thought things would never be the same in America. How quickly we forget how much we need God – even when things aren’t so desperate.

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